Thrive Salmon Oil – 500ml
Thrive Salmon Oil – 500ml
Thrive Salmon Oil – 500ml
Nutrient Facts Per 5 ml (1 tsp) serving: Calories: 45kcal Fat: 99% Omega-3 Fatty acids ALA: 315 mg EPA: 120 mg DHA: 195 mg Omega-6 Fatty acids LA: 675 mg Omega-9 fatty acids OA : 1865 mg Vitamin E : 0,75 IU
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Product details
Thrive Salmon Oil is an excellent high-quality fish oil, and a rich source of EPA & DHA fatty acids with high level of natural astaxanthin antioxidants (4 mg/kg). May support: Digestion, Skin & Coat Health, Energy Levels and Stamina, Cardiovascular Health, Muscle Health, Brain Health, Immune System Health, and Mobility.
  • Excellent shelf preservation (12 Months) due to high purity and gentle processing (<0,05% soluble impurities)
  • High level of natural antioxidants and astaxanthin (4 mg/kg).
  • Fresh taste of salmon will help increase pet's appetite
  • Food approval number: H57 (EU Regulation 854/2004)
  • Animal by-product approval number: 1000779 (EU Regulation 1069/2009)
  • GMP+ approval number: PDV1094441
  • Friends of the Sea certified

    Feeding Guide

    Add recommended daily dosage to pet’s meals for maximum benefits.
    Salmon Oil is recommended for dogs and cats of all life stages including puppies and kittensDosage: 1 tsp (5ml) per every 25 lbs of body weight per dayDo not use in animals with bleeding disorders, unless directed by a veterinarian. For maximum freshness, opened salmon oil should be stored in dry cool place out of direct sunlight. We recommend salmon oil to be refrigerated to protect the precious omegas.