Thrive Sea Kelp – 350g
Thrive Sea Kelp – 350g
Thrive Sea Kelp – 350g
Organic Sea Kelp
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Sea kelp is a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for dogs and cats. May support a healthy digestive system, healthy immune system function and healthy skin and coat. 100% Canadian sea kelp.

Feeding Guide

To add Thrive Sea Kelp to pets daily intake on Pures and Blends formula only, sprinkle on or mix into food.Suggested daily dosage isDosage:10 lbs – 1/16 tsp20 lbs – 1/8 tsp40 lbs – 1/4 tsp60 lbs – 1/2 tsp80 lbs – 3/4 tsp100 lbs – 1 tspWarningsDo not add to food that already include kelp, or another source of iodine. Do not use in pregnant or lactating animals Do not use in animals with thyroid disease and not for long term use, unless directed by a veterinarian. Store out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. No refrigeration required.